Abbi was a crew member of El Cavador and later the Gagak, as well as the mother of José Manuel.[1] She was first introduced in Earth Afire.

History Edit

Earth Unaware Edit

Abbi was moved to a WU-HU Corporation ship before El Cavador's men attacked the Formic scout ship heading for Earth. Her son, Mono, tricked her and stayed on El Cavador for the attack, where he died.[1]

Earth Afire Edit

After settling down shortly on a WU-HU Corporation depot, Abbi began to blame Rena Delgado for her son's death, believing that Victor and Segundo Delgado had put illusions of Mono being a mechanic in his head, causing him to stay on El Cavador and dying in the attack.[1]

Abbi joined Rena and the other women aboard the Gagak, where she was taught by Arjuna and his family about scavenging. Eventually Abbi went on a scavenging mission with Rena and the other women. When she launched from the air lock to the scavenging ship, she had a difficult time landing, but she was saved by Rena, who later asked for her help searching the rest of the ship for salvageable materials. They found a generator, which Rena was cutting loose when Arjuna found a toy screwdriver in a boy's room. Rena eventually found her and tried comforting Abbi until they received a warning of an incoming dangerous vulture named Khalid. Abbi did not want to live, so Rena had to knock her out by temporarily removing her oxygen. Rena then pulled Rena to safety aboard the Gagak.[1]

Personality Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Abbi was zogged from a Peruvian free miner family to join El Cavador's crew.[1]

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References Edit

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