"Come on! You're Ender Wiggin. Don't tell me what eleven-year-old kids can do!"
Ender's Game, page 222

Abra Tolo was a mechanic on the colony planet of Shakespeare.[1] He was first introduced in Ender's Game.


Ender in Exile

Abra enjoyed building things and discovering how things worked. Instead of playing with other children his age, Abra spent his time working with the old Formic machines.[1]

Fairyland Comic

Abra and Ender stumble upon the Fairyland construct.

When he was 11, Abra went with Ender Wiggin, the governor of Shakespeare, to find a place where an arriving colony ship could land and colonize. During their travels, they came across the Formic's recreation of the Mind Game's "Fairyland". Ender knew what this was and meant, and briefly told Abra of its implications. Abra was concerned that this was a trap, and the Formics had made it in order to get back at him for killing off their species. Ender disregarded this and went into the tower where he had seen his brother Peter in the game. He told Abra to stay outside, and go get help if he did not come out for several hours. Hours later, he emerged later carrying a bundle that contained a Hive Queen cocoon. Abra asked Ender what he had found, to which Ender only stated "The answer". Abra and Ender went off in search of another colony location for the coming ship.[1]

Years later, when Ender was at the Ganges colony, he told his sister Valentine to deliver the Hive Queen to Abra on Shakespeare if she did not hear its voice in her mind.[1]





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