Afraima was a soldier in the Third Formic War and an assistant xenobiologist on the colony world of Shakespeare.[1] She was first introduced in Ender in Exile.


Ender in Exile Edit

Afraima was one of the soldiers who left Earth to go to war with the Formics. She was commanded by Ender Wiggin, like every other soldier in the Third Invasion. She and the rest of her squadron fought around and on a Formic planet, and eventually defeated the aliens when Ender Wiggin destroyed the Formic Homeworld. The surviving members of her part of the invasion colonized the conquered planet, later named Shakespeare.[1]

In order to restore gender diversity among the colonists, the leaders of the colony voted on a breeding policy; most men from the original generation would not have spouses. Afraima was paired with Evenezer, and was dissatisfied with him. She approached the head xenobiologist Sel Menach to have relations with him, but he turned her down.[1]

Personality Edit

Afraima was shown to be bold and daring enough to go against the rules of the colony to approach Sel to have relations with him. She was a devout Jew, except when she broke the commandment to not commit adultery.

Trivia Edit

  • Afraima means "fertile" in Hebrew. Afraima renamed herself accordingly when the colony had a vote on breeding policy.[1]

Quotes Edit

"Dr. Menach, I'm truly sorry. We're scientists, I start to think of human reproduction just like the animals. I didn't mean to be disloyal to Evenezer, I didn't mean to make you miserable. I just felt a wave of desire. I just knew that if I was going to have a baby, it should be yours, it should be the baby most worth having."
Ender in Exile, pages 105-106

References Edit

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