Alejandra was the cousin and best friend of Victor Delgado, as well as a member of the El Cavador crew.[1] She was first mentioned in Earth Unaware.

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Alejandra and Victor grew up together and were practically inseparable. The two never engaged in a taboo relationship, however many of the older crew members of El Cavador knew that it would happen eventually.[1]

Earth Unaware Edit

By the time they were young adults, the council of El Cavador decided to zog Alejandra. The council was worried that if Alejandra and Victor grew too close that they would participate in promiscuous activities. Alejandra was sent to live with a visiting Italian mining clan along with Faron as a manner of zogging, which was meant to maintain genetic diversity. After being told of the reason by the captain of El Cavador, Concepción Querales, Victor did not say goodbye to her before she left.[1]

Alejandra presumably died when a Formic pod ship attacked and destroyed the Italian clan.[1]

While he was traveling to Luna aboard a quickship to warn Earth about the Formics, Victor had a hallucination of Alejandra. The hallucination convinced Victor to stay strong and alive in order to warn Earth.[1]

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