Amaro de Madrid was a lawyer and the father of Bonito de Madrid.[1] He was first introduced in "Pretty Boy".


Pretty Boy Edit

When Bonzo was born, Amaro realized his son was very gifted, speaking at the age of one. This led to the International Fleet testing Bonzo and giving him a Monitor at age two. After that, Amaro took Bonito everywhere and gave him anything he wanted. When Bonzo began to spend more time with his mother, Amaro expressed to his son that he was missing time with him. This caused Bonzo to begin to spend all his time with his father.[1]

On various days of the week, Amaro would leave the house and travel to an apartment in town, where he met a woman for an affair. One day Bonzo secretly followed his father to the apartment, and told his mother of it when he returned home. His wife took Bonzo to his grandmother's house and left Amaro a note. On two occasions, Amaro traveled to Bonzo's grandmothers to attempt to make amends with his wife, but he was turned away. A week later, Bonzo and his mother moved back in with Amaro but his relationship with his wife was forever altered. This caused a change in Bonzo, leading him to not want to be like his father. When the International Fleet officer returned to see Bonzo, he agreed to go to Battle School, leaving his family behind.[1]

Ender's Game Edit

After Bonzo was killed at Battle School by Ender Wiggin, his body was sent back home to Amaro.[2]

Personality Edit

It was stated that it was pointless to argue with Amaro when he had a case to make, due to the fact that he was a lawyer. He would get into heated discussion about religion often. Amaro was described as a Spanish patriot, who had a great love for his country.

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References Edit

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