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Anton was a European scientist who discovered the genetic modification Anton's Key.[1] He was first introduced in Ender's Shadow.


Ender's Shadow Edit

Anton was a scientist of European descent who discovered two genetic modifications which allowed the human brain unlimited growth, at the cost of unlimited physical growth. This discovery, Anton's Key, was named in his honor. However, research into human genetic engineering was outlawed by the Hegemony, and when the nature of his work was discovered, he was subjected to conditioning in order to make it difficult for him to continue or even discuss his research.[1]

Personality Edit

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Quotes Edit

"With only one lung, it takes twice as many cigarettes to get the same nicotine. Therefore I have had to increase my smoking, not cut down. This should be obvious, but then, you do not think like a scientist, you think like a woman of faith. You think like an obedient person. When you find out something is bad, you don't do it."
Ender's Shadow
"Ignorance is not a tragedy, merely an opportunity. But to know and refuse to know what you know, that is foolishness."
Shadow Puppets, Chapter 7

References Edit

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