Asteroid 2030CT was a space rock located in the Kuiper Belt that was occupied by a Formic miniship.[1]

Description Edit

Asteroid 2030CT was composed of ice, iron, nickel, and other precious metals. It was slightly smaller than two kilometers, and it had an atypical orbit.[1]

After the Formic colonization, a membranous shell was constructed twenty meters above the rock's surface that encircled the asteroid. The cocoon was a hard, but pliable material that was amber in color and similar to a resin. It was interwoven with microscopic creatures designed to repair any damage it recieved.[1]

The Formic slugs had mined the asteroids of all its ice and useful metals, leaving it barren and covered in tunnels.[1]

History Edit

The Swarm Edit

Asteroid 2030CT was used as a base of operations in the Kuiper Belt by the Formics. Edimar Querales spotted the Formics activity due to the asteroid not reflecting light properly.[1]

Victor Delgado and Imala Bootstamp investigated the asteroid in a modified quickship. Victor analyzed the cocoon before cutting a hole into it and entering the asteroid's atmosphere.[1]

Victor explored the asteroid, however he was attacked multiple times by the Formics occupying it. To escape, he used the Formic miniship which opened a massive hole in the asteroid's resin cocoon. This sudden vacuum sucked all the Formics and slugs out into space, killing them.[1]

References Edit

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