Averbach was a member of the Mobile Operations Police.[1] He was first introduced in Earth Unaware.

History Edit

Earth Unaware Edit

Averbach participated in the game of capture the flag with the Indian PCs. During the game, Averbach and Deen were given the cars that Wit O'Toole stole from the Indians as a distraction for the real plan in capturing the flag. Wit was surprised when Averbach and Deen did not come back from driving the cars with a bunch of spider rounds, but they were able to hold their own against the Indian soldiers.[1]

A few months after training with the Indians, Averbach was sent to Indonesia with Bogdanovich to help fight the Rémesh. One day some farmers were fighting with the terrorists, so Averbach went to help them, but Bogdanovich stayed in the village. Bogdanovich ended up being killed partly because he was not with Averbach. Afterwards, Averbach helped the village clean up the terrorist attack that occurred in the town. Wit O'Toole and Calinga came to relieve Averbach of his duty and collect Bogdanovich's body.[1]

A couple days after Bogdanovich's death, Wit O'Toole had a meeting where he discussed the fact that the MOPs needed to be prepared in case of an alien attack.[1]

Earth Afire Edit

Averbach followed Wit's lead when Wit decided to go to China to fight off the Formic invasion. Wit's team safely arrived in China and was able to find transport south. As the team headed towards the Formic lander, the MOPs encountered 6 Formics spraying defoliants, as the people on the highway began to panic. After Wit dealt with the Formics, a Formic troop transport arrived minutes later to retrieve the dead bodies. A skirmish ensued between the MOPs and the troop transport causing the death of Averbach, Yoo Chi-won, Toejack, and Mangul.[2]

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