Benedetto was a tax accountant on the world of Sorelledolce.[1] He was first introduced in "The Investment Counselor".

History Edit

The Investment Counselor Edit

Benedetto lived about 400 years after the War of Xenocide on the planet of Sorelledolce. Andrew and Valentine Wiggin came to the planet for the sole purpose for paying taxes after an interplanetary voyage. Andrew had reached the relative age of twenty, the legal age for Starways Congress taxation. After the War of Xenocide, Minister of Colonization Hyrum Graff had the Mind Game reprogrammed to invest Andrew's pension money. As a result, after 400 years he had accumulated a large sum of money that he did not even know existed. Therefore, he needed a tax accountant to help him sort through his financial situation.[1]

Realizing Andrew had so much money, Benedetto researched Andrew's past and discovered this Andrew Wiggin was Ender Wiggin, the Xenocide. Benedetto goes on to write a report on how he found Ender the Xenocide. Just before he submitted it, Jane's face appeared on screen and asked him to reconsider. Benedetto still submitted the report, but Jane had edited it so it also writes of the people he had blackmailed over the years. This sent Benedetto to prison, where he was soon murdered. Andrew, feeling he needed do something, spoke at Benedetto's funeral. After this, he decided to become a Speaker for the Dead.[1]

Personality Edit

Benedetto was a corrupt man who frequently stole from his customers, using illegal software.

Trivia Edit

Quotes Edit

"Afraid someone will look over your shoulder? See how much of an allowance Grandmother left you?"
First Meetings in the Enderverse, Page 173

References Edit

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