Bogdanovich was a member of the Russian special forces, and later the Mobile Operations Police.[1] He was first introduced in Earth Unaware.

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Bogdanovich's first mission in the MOPs was to participate in a game of capture the flag with the Indian PCs. During the game, Bogdanovich assisted in taking the flag and escaping from the Indian base after they infiltrated it from the air. During the escape Bogdanovich drove the second car. Their goal was successful in capturing the flag, but they did not brag about their win. The next day the MOPs, including Bogdanovich, began training with the Indian PCs.[1]

In one of the training exercises, Bogdanovich had to rescue a hostage from extremists. During the exercise, Pinetop was briefly given command. While in command, Pinetop instructed Bogdanovich and the others to snipe some of the extremists from a distance, and Bogdanovich then went to help PInetop rescue the hostage. Wit O'Toole thought the training exercise was too easy, because Deen tried instituting realism by acting as sloppy as terrorists normally act. Wit then instructed Bogdanovich and the other new recruits to leave their technology behind excluding spider round patches and that they needed to defend themselves from anyone attacking after given time to hide in the jungle.[1]

A few months later Bogdanovich was killed in Indonesia, where he had fallen in love with a local girl. Bogdanovich had been sent to protect the village by Wit O'Toole. Averbach had been sent with Bogdanovich, but wasn't killed because he went to help with a scuffle between farmers and the Rémesh, a terrorist group. Averbach tried persuading Bogdanovich to come with him but was unable to. Unfortunately, the Rémeseh attacked the town while Averbach was away and began to burn down a local church filled with people as a trap for Bogdanovich. Bogdanovich's love was in the church causing him to run to their aid a be killed by a sniper. Bogdanovich was later treated as a martyr by the people of the city. Calinga and Wit came to pick up Bogdanovich's body after he died.[1]

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