Bolshakov was a soldier in the Mobile Operations Police.[1] He was first introduced in Earth Awakens.

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Earth Awakens Edit

Bolshakov helped Deen search for information regarding Wit O'Toole and Mazer Rackham, when they did not return from a mission. Eventually, Bingwen discovered that Wit and Mazer were being held in custody by General Sima at his base.

Bolshakov knew this was a bad situation, because people on the top of the military ladder were unwilling to mess with Sima. However, as Bolshakov and his fellow soldiers were discussing infiltrating the base to receive their friends, Bingwen began writing a letter acting like the success of destroying the Formic lander was General Sima's plan in order to encourage him to release Wit and Mazer. Bolshakov liked Bingwen's plan and began helping him translate his letter into proper English.[1]

Later, Bolshakov went to Luna with the MOPs, where he signed a liability form for Juke Limited in case he was harmed while infiltrating the Formic scout ship. Bolshakov ended up being one of the eight MOPs selected by straws to join the mission.[1]

On the Formic ship, Bolshakov helped cover the gun turrets on the Formic ship with wall plates. Shorty after, Mazer arrived, the Formics began to attack. Bolshakov died in the onslaught.[1]

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