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Bonito de Madrid, better known as Bonzo Madrid, was a Battle School Student and the commander of Salamander Army.[1] He was first introduced in Ender's Game.


Past Edit

Bonzo was born of aristocratic Spanish lineage in the town of Cartagena.[2]

Ender's Game Edit

As commander of Salamander Army, he suddenly had Ender Wiggin thrust upon him when Ender was promoted from his launch group. Bonzo was forced to give up a veteran soldier (a toon leader) to make room for him.[1]

When he ordered Ender to stop practicing with launchies, Ender antagonized Bonzo by privately threatening to have Bonzo iced if he does not rescind the order. Ender unintentionally made the situation worse by trying to be gracious and offering Bonzo a means of saving face in rescinding the order. This just made Bonzo hate Ender more, as he became humiliated. When Ender entered battle with Leopard Army and fires his gun, turning a defeat for Salamander Army into a draw, Bonzo was further infuriated. Bonzo later announced that he traded him to Rat Army, and slapped Ender for disobeying his orders not to fire his gun. Ender surmised that this would backfire on Bonzo, for he will surely lose the respect of his soldiers when they see how he rewarded his "disobedient" underling for turning a defeat into a draw.[1]

Bonzo was later provoked beyond all endurance when Ender, now commander of Dragon Army, defeated Salamander Army in a battle. Ender, enraged at the Battle School teachers, inadvertently humiliated Bonzo again in what was supposed to be the end-of-battle ceremony.[1]


Bonzzo and Ender about to fight in the shower room.

Later, Bonzo and a group of his lackeys cornered Ender in one of the Battle School showers. Trapped, Ender managed to shame him into engaging him in one-on-one combat. Evading him with the slipperiness of his still-soapy skin, Ender quickly ended the battle by hitting Bonzo in the face with the back of his head as Bonzo attempted to avoid an expected attack to his groin. Unknown to Ender at the time, this attack killed Bonzo.[1]

Bonzo was sent home to his family in a body bag on the same shuttle that transported Ender back to Earth on shore leave.[1]

Ender in Exile Edit

Ender never truly realized that he killed Madrid until he saw Hyrum Graff's court martial, where the prosecution used excerpts from videos of the fight in an attempt to prove that Graff's training program for Ender was murderously abusive, and that Graff had therefore exceeded his authority and contributed to the corruption of a minor. This argument ultimately failed against Graff's defense, which includes running the same videos unedited.[3]

Personality and TraitsEdit

Bonzo placed honor before all else. He became infuriated when he was shown up, especially by Ender, who was younger yet much smarter than Bonzo. He was shown not to be a great leader, as Ender stated many times. It was proven that most of Dragon Army had better tactical and strategic skills than Bonzo.[1]



" I won't have any soldiers in Salamander Army hanging conchudo around with Launchies. You're a soldier now."
Ender's Game


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