Faria Lima Maria do Bosque, more commonly known as Bosquinha, was both Governor of Lusitania and the Mayor of Milagre.[1] She was first introduced in Speaker for the Dead.


Speaker for the Dead

As the Mayor of Lusitania, she swore an oath to Starways Congress to obey the Starways Code, but she admitted herself that she was suspicious, deceptive, and chauvinistic. She always had the best interests of Lusitania in mind for every decision, although she misled Congress to believe that she was fully supporting the Hundred Worlds. She was with Novinha at the final descolada funeral, the one for Novinha’s parents, Os Venerados. The Mayor also asked Pipo, several years later, to administer the exam for Novinha to become a xenobiologist as her parents had been before. Officially, Mayor Bosquinha was Novinha’s guardian, since she had become an “orphan.” She was a very strong-willed woman, and did not shrink from gruesome tasks… she was with the party that retrieved Pipo’s body from the hill outside the fence. She did not originally anticipate Novinha’s grief for Pipo, but when she did see it, she invited Novinha to stay the night with her family (which Novinha would rather have avoided, and in fact left after the household went to bed).[1]

Years later, the Mayor met Andrew Wiggin when he landed on Lusitania. Although she didn’t expect to like him, she was pleasantly surprised by Andrew's association with San Angelo and the Children of the Mind of Christ, and eased her suspicious edge. She even gained enough trust in the new Speaker to use his file access to save her vital files when Congress began to take punitive actions against the colony for offenses committed by the xenologers. Mayor Bosquinha convinced the other leaders in the colony to trust the Speaker as well, and finally even agreed to rebel against Congress in order to save Miro Ribeira's life, who was stuck unconscious on the other side of the locked fence.[1]

During the timeskip between Speaker for the Dead and Xenocide, Bosquinha retired as mayor of Lusitania and was succeeded by Kovano Zeljezo.[2]





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