The Makarhu bumping El Cavador from Asteroid 2002GJ166 in Formic Wars: Burning Earth.

Bumping was a tactic often used by mining corporations such as Juke Limited and WU-HU.[1]

Usually, a corporate ship would attack and remove a free miner ship or clan from an asteroid that the miners had claimed. The tactic was so common in the asteroid belt that many free miners began to move to the distant Kuiper Belt to escape corporations.[1]

Ukko Jukes was one of the most renowned people for bumping and using similar tactics, and he was so ruthless that he was able to build Juke Limited from his profits. His son, Lem Jukes, used the same tactic to bump El Cavador from an asteroid for the purpose of testing the glaser, a prototype mining technology.[1]

References Edit

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