The Catalogue of Voices of the Gods was a written record documenting a list of the tasks that have been given to the Godspoken of Path over time.[1]

These self-given tasks were a result of the OCD-like symptoms of the Godspoken, causing them to force themselves to complete them in order to feel relief.[1]

List of Tasks Edit

  • Door-Waiting
  • Counting-to-Multiples-of-Five
  • Object-Counting
  • Checking-for-Accidental-Murders
  • Fingernail-Tearing
  • Skin-Scraping
  • Pulling-Out-of-Hair
  • Gnawing-at-Stone
  • Bugging-out-of-Eyes
  • Woodgrain-Tracing (Han Qing-jao)
  • Dance-of-the-Hands-and-the-Head (Han Fei-tzu)

References Edit

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