This article is about Cida, the wife of Gusto in the sainted couple Os Venerados. You may be looking for her husband.

Cida von Hesse was the wife of Gusto and the mother of Novinha. She and her husband discovered a cure to the Descolada.[1] She was first mentioned in Speaker for the Dead.

History Edit

Speaker for the Dead Edit

Cida and her husband were a part of the original settlers of Lusitania, having immigrated from Baía. Upon their arrival at the new planet, the humans and their livestock and plants were assaulted by a devastating disease native to Lusitania. As Xenobiologists, she and Gusto researched and eventually developed a cure to the Descolada. However, this came too late, and she and her husband died from the disease, leaving their daughter Novinha orphaned. After their deaths, the couple was sainted as a pair known as 'Os Venerados' rather quickly after their deaths for miracles credited to them in their own town of Milagre.

Personality Edit

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Quotes Edit

Cida had no lines of dialogue.

References Edit

  1. Speaker for the Dead

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