Captain Dionetti was the commanding officer of the STASA vessel The Star Seer.[1] He was first introduced in Earth Afire.

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Earth Afire Edit

Dionetti decided his crew should follow the Formic scout ship in The Star Seer, collecting data about the Formics along the way.[1] Eventually, 62 free miner and corporate ships decided to attack the Formic vessel leading to a deadly one-sided battle termed the Battle of the Belt, which Dionetti recorded. Before the battle, Dionetti warned the ships to not attack citing the Space Peace Act and Space Emergency Response Act. The ships did not respond to Dionetti's plea. Dionetti then decided to record any ship that attacked the Formics until the Formics reached Earth as not following the law. Dionetti then left all of the information he had obtained about the Formics along with a record of the battle and a plea to not attack in a beacon, which was picked up by Lem Jukes and the crew of the Makarhu.[1]

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