Captain Doashang was a captain of a WU-HU Corporation vessel.[1] He was first introduced in Earth Unaware.

History Edit

Earth Unaware Edit

Doashang was contacted by Concepción Querales, the captain of El Cavador about attacking the Formics. The purpose of the attack was to severely weaken or possibly destroy the Formic scout ship in order to prevent its arrival at Earth. Other than El Cavador, a Juke Limited vessel captained by Lem Jukes was also a part of the planned attack. The plan was for Doashang's ship to stay back and keep safe the woman and children of El Cavador.[1]

Before the attack on the Formic ship, Doashang met briefly with Concepción when the WU-HU ship and El Cavador docked at high speeds.[1]

The attack ended up in failure, with El Cavador being completely destroyed.[1]

Doashang eventually negotiated for the remaining El Cavador crew to stay on a WU-HU Corporation private depot under the command of Magashi.[2]

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