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Dorabella Toscano was the mother of Alessandra Toscano and the wife of Quincy Morgan.[1] She was first introduced in Ender in Exile.


Ender in Exile Edit

Dorabella Toscano was the mother of Alessandra Toscano. She was one of the voyagers of the first colony ship that chose to stay awake during the flight. During the voyage, she fell in love with Admiral Quincy Morgan and later married him. She tried to manipulate her daughter to fall in love with Ender Wiggin, but this turned against her when Ender gave Alessandra the courage to stand up against her mother. She returned to Earth instead of staying on Shakespeare with the rest of the colonists, leaving her daughter behind.[1]

Personality Edit

Possibly due to her traumatic childhood, Dorabella saw the world as a kind of fantasy and often referred to herself or her daughter as "fairies."

While pleasant on the outside, Dorabella revealed her true colors when she falsely accused Akbar of rape and attempted to force her daughter to go back on the colony ship with her.

Trivia Edit

  • Dorabella seemed to have been affected by Cluster B mixed personality disorder.[1]

Quotes Edit

References Edit

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