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Earth was the home planet of humanity and the location of the First and Second Formic Wars.[1]



First Formic War

Earth Afire

In the year 100 BX, Ukko Jukes warned Earth of an impending alien threat. The United Nations responded by forming the Department of Alien Affairs and appointed Kenwe Zubeka as the secretary. However, when the Zubeka contacted the Formics upon their arrival in Earth's orbit, he was killed, initiating the First Formic War, and destroying all hope that the aliens were coming in peace.[2]

The Formics sent three landers down to the surface in China when they arrived. China responded with military force, but they refused to ask for help from any other country, leading to millions of people dying in the Scouring of China. China only received help willingly when the Mobile Operations Police thanked them for receiving their help. The MOPs eventually destroyed one of the landers in China with a tactical nuke.[2]

Earth Awakens

Approximately one week later, the Formics sent out a wave of reinforcements from the scout ship after it was attacked. India was then able to negotiate an alliance with China after Wit O'Toole, Mazer Rackham, and Shenzu gave India the necessary materials to create a counteragent against the Formic defoliant, which was killing millions. The alliance and the counteragent allowed the Chinese to recapture several cities from the Formics.[3]

After the scout ship was attacked by the MOPs, the Formics left Earth's surface and returned to the scout ship to defend it. Several days after the scout ship was captured, Secretary General Silva announced the formation of the International Fleet, which was a multinational military organization founded to unite the world under one flag in case of another alien attack.[3]



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