El Cavador on the cover of Earth Unaware.

El Cavador (Spanish - The Digger) was Venezuelan free miner ship captained by Concepción Querales.[1]

Description Edit

El Cavador was a mining ship, so it had drills and pebble killers on the outside of the ship. The rest of the exterior was mostly covered in armor plating, which was attached to protect the ship from impacts or attacks.[1]

The inside of the ship was a conglomeration of different ship parts, as the mechanics had to make due with whatever parts were available to fix the ship.[1]

History Edit

Past Edit

The ship used to mine out in the Asteroid Belt, but after being bumped too many times by corporate miners, they decided to leave to the Kuiper Belt.[1]


The destruction of El Cavador.

Earth Unaware Edit

While mining Asteroid 2002GJ166, they were bumped off the rock by the heir to Juke Limited, Lem Jukes. This crippled the ship's communications and other systems, leading to unprecedented catastrophe.[1]

Later on, the crew of El Cavador attempted to disable or destroy the invading Formic scout ship, with the help of the Makarhu. However, El Cavador was destroyed by a gamma plasma exhaust burst from the Formics. The remaining crew of women and children survived the attack as they had been transferred to a WU-HU Corporation ship.[1]

Crew Edit

References Edit

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