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Ekaterina Elanora Ribeira von Hesse, more commonly known as Ela, was a Xenobiologist on the planet of Lusitania.[1] She was first introduced in Speaker for the Dead.


Speaker for the Dead

Ela was born one year after Miro and did much of the work around the house since her mother Novinha was frequently distracted or busy with other work. Ela was 18 when her "father" Marcos Maria Ribeira died and she requested a Speaker for the Dead, to show the world what a terrible person Marcos was.[1]

She requested a Speaker six weeks before Andrew Wiggin arrived on Lusitania. Ela was a very knowledgeable xenobiologist who worked closely with her mother, although there were many secrets between them. Ela explained most of what she knew about the biology of Lusitania to the Speaker, including some of her theories. Ela was among the first group of humans, the others being Andrew and Ouanda, to actually see the Pequenino “wives” and learn about their reproduction process.[1]

Ela later developed the design of the Recolada counter-virus to the Descolada, and created it Outside.[2]





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