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The Swarm is the first novel in the Second Formic War Trilogy, published on August 2, 2016.
The first invasion of Earth was beaten back by a coalition of corporate and international military forces, and the Chinese army. China has been devastated by the Formic's initial efforts to eradicate Earth life forms and prepare the ground for their own settlement. The Scouring of China struck fear into the other nations of the planet; that fear blossomed into drastic action when scientists determined that the single ship that wreaked such damage was merely a scout ship.

There is a mothership out beyond the Solar System's Kuiper Belt, and it's heading into the system, unstoppable by any weapons that Earth can muster. Will Bingwen, Mazer Rackham, Victor Delgado and Lem Jukes be able to divert those very human enemies in time to create a weapon that can effectively defend humanity in the inexorable Second Formic War?

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Sorelledolce was an independent Associated Planet. The world was settled by humans of primarily Italian descent around 200 AX.

Being independent, it was one of the last worlds holding out against the federation of planets run by Starways Congress, the Hundred Worlds.

It was here that Andrew Wiggin first encountered Jane, as well as where he attended his first Speaking for the Dead. The capital of Sorelledolce was Donnabella, which had a population of 1 million, 1/4 the total population of Sorelledolce. It was home to Benedetto, the tax man. Read more >

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