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Children of the Fleet is the first novel in the Fleet School series, released on October 10, 2017.
Ender Wiggin won the Third Formic War, ending the alien threat to Earth. Afterwards, all the terraformed Formic worlds were open to settlement by humans, and the International Fleet became the arm of the Ministry of Colonization, run by Hyrum Graff. MinCol now runs Fleet School on the old Battle School station, and still recruits very smart kids to train as leaders of colony ships, and colonies.

Dabeet Ochoa is a very smart kid. Top of his class in every school. But he doesn’t think he has a chance at Fleet School, because he has no connections to the Fleet. That he knows of. At least until the day that Colonel Graff arrives at his school for an interview.

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Mazer in Prison
"Mazer in Prison" is a short story written by Orson Scott Card. It tells the story of Mazer Rackham's exile from Earth and the origins of Battle School. The short story appears in Card's webzine, the InterGalactic Medicine Show.

As soon as the war was over, Earth put together a fleet to send to the Formic homeworlds to end the conflict once and for all. Since they needed a leader for this war, the Hegemony decided to send Mazer out into space in a ship that was capable of near-lightspeed travel so that due to the relativistic effects he would return young enough to command the fleet. Mazer knew that he was not the best person to lead the fleet, and so he reprogrammed the computer onboard his ship so that the Hegemony would no longer be able to control it. He then forced them to find a new fleet commander and arranged to have a young Hyrum Graff set up the Battle School to train possible candidates. Read more >