The Ender's Game Wiki, also known as the Enderverse Wiki, is a fan resource for the universe of Orson Scott Card's novel, Ender's Game.


The Ender's Game Wiki was created on June 15th, 2006 as an Orson Scott Card Wiki, named the Ansible Wiki for short. It was founded by members of the Philotic Web community in order to replace the Philotic Web Encyclopedia. However, it was abandoned by the founders and was left to fend for itself against vandals and other unhelpful individuals.

MavikVCT petitioned to adopt the wiki in January 2016, which led to the wiki being reconstructed and redesigned under new administration. Later, the site was converted from an Orson Scott Card Wiki to an Ender's Game Wiki solely.

Administrators Edit

Bureaucrats Edit

  • MavikVCT (Active) - Mavik is one of the two head admins of the Ender's Game Wiki. Usually on the wiki at least once per week, you can contact him on his message wall anytime for a quick response.
  • David4d4d (Active) - David4d4d is one of the two head admins of the Ender's Game Wiki. Works on the wiki in spurts of constant activity and inactivity based on availability, but he generally gets on at least once a week to check on the wiki. You can contact him on his message wall at anytime for a quick response.

Admins Edit

  • Teenbat (Inactive) - Teenbat is an admin on the Ender's Game Wiki. He has had the position the longest, as he became an administrator in 2012. However, he is rarely active on this wiki.

Former Staff Edit

As the Ender's Game Wiki has existed for over a decade, this list will be incomplete in cataloging every user to have had administration rights on the wiki.

  • NoodleGuy - NoodleGuy was the first admin on the wiki, other than the unknown founder. They edited consistently from the first day of the wiki until late 2008, when they stopped. NoodleGuy edited once more in 2014, but only to their own profile. Their administrator rights were removed in early 2016.
  • Taalcon - Taalcon was one of the first administrators on the wiki, with their first edit being five days after the wiki was founded. However, after editing for one day they left the community and never edited again, deleting their Wikia account. Their administrator rights were removed in early 2016.
  • 123chess456 - 123chess456 edited from late 2011-2012. While they made minor edits about once per year from then on, they were mainly inactive. Their administrator rights were removed in mid-2016 after a community decision to demote them for inactivity.
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