Fareed Bakárzai was an auditor at the Lunar Trade Department.[1] He was first introduced in Earth Unaware.

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Earth Unaware Edit

Fareed Bakárzai was an experienced auditor for the LTD, and occupied Room 414 at the LTD. Fareed was responsible for having Imala Bootstamp hired at the LTD as a junior auditor because he pushed for her application to be viewed and for her to be interviewed.[1]

When Imala was fired for taking illegal actions in investigating Gregory Seabright's illegal bribery, Fareed vouched for keeping Imala on staff. Fareed was not able to hire Imala back as a junior auditor, but was able to have her rehired as a junior customs officer and gave her her first assignment, which was the case of Victor Delgado. After fighting for Imala, he had her sent to his office with a message at her cubicle to give her the update.[1]

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