Felix Montroose was the operator of the Last Chance space station.[1] He was first introduced in Earth Afire.

History Edit

Earth Afire Edit

Felix Montroose set up a laserlink between Earth and Last Chance during the First Formic War. Eventually, his communication line attracted the attention of Lem Jukes, who rented out the entire station to contact someone because Felix would not allow Lem to access the laserlink remotely from his ship. When Lem arrived on the station, Felix greeted him before Lem quickly began renegotiating the price. After slight protest, Felix agreed to a lower price. As Felix directed Lem towards the laserlink, they were interrupted by Victor Delgado, causing Lem to initiate a private conversation. After the conversation with Victor, Felix took Lem to the laserlink. After Lem's long conversation, Felix received a sum of money from Lem to replace his fried transmitter.[1]

Personality Edit

Felix wore mismatched retro clothing, an outdated fashion trend. His demeanor appeared false and dishonest.[1]

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References Edit

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