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UnreleasedIcon This article is about content that has yet to be officially released.
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This article is about the novel. You may be looking for the series of the same name or the list of International Fleet education centers.

Children of the Fleet, formerly known as Fleet School, is the first novel in the upcoming Children of the Fleet series. It is being written by Orson Scott Card.

Short Summary Edit

According to Orson Scott Card, it "starts with a really bright kid leaving home for an elite school in space".[1]

Detailed Summary Edit

Editions Edit

Notes Edit

On March 27, 2017, Card announced in his paid daily email editorial, Uncle Orson on the Fly, that Fleet School was renamed to Children of the Fleet. As this is the title of the series as a whole, this may mean that the book will be a standalone title with the series idea being dropped, but this is yet to be confirmed.[2]

References Edit

  1. Orson Scott Card on Twitter
  2. Uncle Orson on the Fly

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