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A formation in the Battle Room.

A Formation was a memorized and choreographed maneuver for use in the Battle Room that Battle School Armies went to great lengths to perfect.[1]

Techniques Edit

There were various formation techniques that were utilized in the Battle Room. Nearly every army utilized them in battle, leading them to be practiced and perfected.[1]

Army soldiers would usually collect themselves into either a single unit or multiple units for each Toon. Each formation would follow a pre-choreographed maneuver to achieve victory.[1]

History Edit

Ender's Game Edit

All battles prior to Ender Wiggin's first as commander of Dragon Army were fought exclusively using one type of formation or another. Ender introduced the idea of more "flexible" fighting, allowing his Toon Leaders to have more responsibility and make certain critical decisions, such as how to approach a Star or achieve any other goal established by Ender.[1]

References Edit

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