Formic miniships were spacecraft used by the Formics to occupy and mine asteroids.[1]

Design and Function Edit

Formic miniships, as their name suggests, were small and narrow spacecraft about 10 meters long. They had a single aisle extending across the middle of the ship, with shelves to store habitats for the Formic slugs.[1]

The ship had legs used for landing and stabilization, which could be retracted using a crank inside the craft. Under one of the shelves was a gap with a lever, a button, and a porthole, which could be used to control the ship's propellant.[1]

The ships carried a crew of five Formic workers that operated the various functions of the craft. It brought with it some Formic slugs, which bred upon arriving at the destination asteroid.[1]

History Edit

The Swarm Edit

After the end of the First Formic War, the Formic fleet diversified itself into many various parts. Thousands of miniships were sent out to asteroids to occupy and mine them, one of them being Asteroid 2030CT. Eventually, Victor Delgado investigated 2030CT and escaped from it in a Formic miniship.[1]

References Edit

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