Director Gardona was in charge of the auditing department of the Lunar Trade Department.[1] He was first introduced in Earth Unaware

History Edit

Earth Unaware Edit

Director Gardona was confronted by Imala Bootstamp about fraud occurring within the auditing department, which Gardona was ultimately in charge of. In order to meet Gardona with her accusations, Imala impersonated the journalist Karen O'Hara. She accused Gregory Seabright, a long time respected auditor in the department. Imala said that Seabright was being bribed by Juke Limited to allow ships to bring larger loads of minerals than permitted onto Luna without fines. Gardona asked Imala to keep the matter quiet because Juke Limited was one of the LTD's biggest customers.[1]

Gardona ultimately fired Seabright after looking at the information that Imala presented, however, Imala was presumably fired by Gardona after a conversation with Ukko Jukes who possibly persuaded Gardona to fire her for refusing his job offer.[1]

Personality Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Director Gardona had gone to college with Gregory Seabright and considered Seabright to be his friend.
  • Director Gardona was egocentric, which allowed him to possibly be weak to the idea of obtaining public attention (this is why Imala impersonated a journalist).

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References Edit

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