The Gravity Disruptor was a weapon built by Gungsu Industries.[1]

Design and Function Edit

The Gravity Disruptor used four tidal forces to tear an opening in an object. It did so with four separate cubes placed on the surface of the object in a square pattern. The four corners of the square created four overlapping triangles that could tear apart any surface. Yet to work, the cubes had to be placed exactly right; placed wrong, and the cubes could create shrapnel clouds or fail to tear a large enough hole.[1]

History Edit

Sometime after the First Formic War, the weapon was created by the International Fleet's Weapons and Materials Research Division. Later, the International Fleet used it as a breach weapon for use in the Second Formic War.[1]

Trivia Edit

  • The Gravity Disruptor appears to be based off of the Shatter box.[1]

References Edit

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