The Heavy Equipment Recovery Copter (HERC) was a helicopter-like aircraft designed by Juke Limited.[1]

Design and Function Edit

The HERC was the first gravity-lensing aircraft using gravity-lenses that manipulated gravity fields for the purpose of flight, and adjusted the waves based on direction of flight. The HERC had an extra rotor blades in case the gravity lenses failed, however the blades would likely be ineffective because the HERC was meant as a low-flying aircraft to extract troops and vehicles. The HERC was heavily armored but did not provide great air support.[1]

History Edit

Earth Afire Edit

The HERC was a gravity based technology invented by Juke Limted, and it was meant to be sold to various countries as a military aircraft, such as China and New Zealand. The first group mentioned using the HERC were the NZSAS.[1]

Heinrich Burnzel was the one of the sales representatives who sold the product for Juke Limited.[1]

Trivia Edit

References Edit

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