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This article is about the Battle School student. You may be looking for the Godspoken man from Path.

Han Tzu, commonly known by his nickname, Hot Soup, was a soldier in Dragon Army and a member of Ender's Jeesh.[1] He was first introduced in Ender's Game.


Ender's Game Edit

Han Tzu was the D Toon Leader of Dragon Army.[1]

Shadow of the Hegemon Edit

After returning home to Earth, he was kidnapped by Achilles de Flandres, but after he was rescued he worked for the Chinese government for a long time.[2]

Shadow of the Giant Edit

After a meeting with Mazer Rackham, he staged an internal coup and became Emperor of China. He started several wars against the Muslim League and India. After a long period of thought, he consented to become a colony leader and left Earth.[3]

Personality Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Known e-mail addresses:
  • The colony planet that Han Tzu left to govern is unknown, but is hinted at being Path. However, despite sharing the family name Han, Orson Scott Card has stated that Han Qing-jao is not related to Han Tzu.[4]


References Edit

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