Isabella was a medic aboard El Cavador.[1] She was first introduced in Earth Unaware.

History Edit

Earth Unaware Edit

Isabella was zogged onto El Cavador from a group of Chilean free miners. She later married Selmo and was the aunt of Alejandra.[1]

After Isabella heard about Alejandra's zogging, she went to Victor Delgado to comfort him because Victor and Alejandra were best friends. Isabella was sorry for them having to be split up, but she knew it was necessary. She also tried to reassure that Victor was not a villain for the necessity to be split up.[1]

A couple weeks later, El Cavador was attacked by Lem Jukes. During the attack, Marco was struck by the attacking ship while he was outside with Segundo and Victor. After Marco's body was brought back into the ship, Victor searched for Isabella, so she could hopefully keep him alive. Isabella arrived, but pronounced him dead.[1]

Eventually, Isabella had to move to a WU-HU Corporate ship along with all the other women and children aboard El Cavador because they were planning for an attack against an alien ship, and Concepción Querales wanted all the women and children to be safe in case El Cavador was destroyed.[1]

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