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SPOILER WARNING: Ender Quintet and Shadow Saga Plot details follow.

John Paul Wiggin, born John Paul Wieczorek, was the father of Andrew, Peter, and Valentine Wiggin, and was the husband of Theresa Wiggin.[1] He was first introduced in Ender's Game.


Early Life

Captain Helena Rudolf and Colonel Sillian from the International Fleet visited John Paul's house when he was a boy of 5 to test his older siblings for the Battle School program. He was curious about the testing, so he read a book in the kitchen near the room where his older brothers were being tested. However, the book he was reading was extremely advanced for a boy so young-- it was stated that some college students would have trouble with it-- and when he was found, his parents didn't want him to take the IF recruitment test. But he would have to take it in another 3 weeks or so when he turns 6. So his parents let him take the test and he did exceptionally well. So well that later, Colonel Graff came back and tested him again and spoke to him about going to Battle School. He bargained with them, made them take him and his family to America and put them in school as if they were a complying family. (They were actually a family with nine children living in Poland. Polish, due to it's Catholic state religion, was noncompliant with the IF.) The IF complied with all of this, knowing that he probably would not go to Battle School. What they really wanted, what he really owed them, was his children.[2]

Shadow Puppets

John Paul and Theresa revealed to Peter that they knew about his children's work on the Nets, and in fact manipulated some of their writings, although Peter Wiggin had been sure that he was completely unaware of their political machinations.[3]

Once Peter had become Hegemon and offered protection to Achilles, John Paul created a keylogger to track Achilles' work on the nets. However, this conflicted with a keylogger that Peter's chief of security had already installed.[3]





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