Julexi was a crew member of El Cavador and later the Gagak.[1] She was first introduced in Earth Afire.

History Edit

Earth Afire Edit

During the attack on the Formic ship, Julexi's husband, Pitoso, accidentally set off one of the mines that the crew was using to destroy the Formic scout ship. Julexi began to blame Segundo Delgado for her husband's death because Segundo modified the explosives before the battle. Julexi used that fact as a way to hold a grudge over Rena Delgado, Segundo's spouse, who had essentially taken leadership of the remaining El Cavador crew after its destruction.[1]

Eventually, a vulture ship commanded by Arjuna came to the WU-HU Corporation station that the crew was taking refuge on. Rena decided that Arjuna's offer of the crew working on the ship until arriving at a different station was too good to pass up and offered the idea to the other women. Julexi disagreed and tried arguing against Rena's offer, however Edimar stepped in and supported Rena, causing Julexi to make a derogatory statement about Alejandra, Edimar's sister. Lola then slapped Julexi, who continued to try and divide the crew. The crew then discussed the issue further and decided to join Arjuna's vulture crew.[1]

On the Gagak, Julexi trained with the other women in order to learn how to salvage. Eventually Julexi went on a mission along with everyone else. She questioned Rena before starting on why Arjuna's men were not performing the scavenging themselves, as it was the more dangerous job, however, Rena had already explained earlier. Julexi made her way to the scavenging ship after the air lock decompressed and followed Rena's lead to a cargo bay. Rena placed Julexi in charge of scavenging the cargo bay when she left with Abbi to scavenge throughout the rest of the ship. However, Julexi and the other women had to quickly leave the ship when Arjuna detected the vulture Khalid arriving out of nowhere.[1]

Earth Awakens Edit

During her time on the ship, Julexi formed an alliance with Sabad, who also opposed Rena. Julexi argued with Rena about the decision to form the Gagak into a mining ship as she believed that they were noy up to the tasks. Rena tore Julexi's arguments apart with logic, causing Julexi to cry.[2]

The Swarm Edit

After three years, Julexi was still a part of the Gagak crew. When the International Fleet gave the ship orders to deal with a Formic-occupied asteroid, Julexi and many others complained and said that the Fleet was a dictatorship.[3]

Personality Edit

Juleki was an extremely bitter woman, who frequently complained. She belittled Rena Delgado most often. However, this may have been a reaction to the loss of her husband.

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References Edit

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