Leaf-Eater was a Pequenino on the planet of Lusitania.[1] He was first introduced in Speaker for the Dead.


Speaker for the Dead

Leaf-Eater was a very clever Pequenino, but not as clever as Human. He was more hostile when dealing with Miro Ribeira. Leaf-Eater was apparently chosen frequently to carry the wives to the Fathertrees, since there were numerous records of Leaf-Eater carrying something on his belly, or getting his belly rubbed.[1]

When Andrew Wiggin came out to meet the Pequeninos, it was Leaf-Eater who first met him, and bounded off into the woods to let the others know. After Human climbed a tree as far as he could and then jumped off (demonstrating his desire to reach the stars), it was Leaf-Eater who screamed “No, you can’t die!” When Miro had climbed the fence and nearly died, Leaf-Eater was trying to get others to help plant him, before his body died and could no longer pass into the Third Life, but Human wouldn’t let them until they knew Miro was definitely going to die. Later, Leaf-Eater was present when Shouter and Andrew Wiggin were working on the covenant, and when Human disagreed with Andrew and refused to translate something to the wives, Leaf-Eater said that he would tell the wives.[1]

It also turned out that Leaf-Eater was to have become a Fathertree long before Andrew's arrival - instead of Libo, but Libo had refused to plant Leaf-Eater, and so Leaf-Eater was denied the honor and was forced to plant Libo instead.[1]

He and Mandachuva also helped Andrew in writing The Life of Human.[1]





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