The League War was an event immediately following the the end of the Third Formic War.[1]

Overview Edit

Less than twenty-four hours after the xenocide of the Formics, tensions on Earth began to increase, mainly between the United States of America and the countries of the Second Warsaw Pact. America claimed that the Warsaw Pact was going to attack, with Russia saying the same thing of the Hegemony. Soon after, the war began.[1]

The war was fought by most countries in order to seize control of the International Fleet and Ender's Jeesh, but mainly Ender Wiggin himself. America and the Hegemony sought to have him to command their armies, while the Second Warsaw Pact wanted him dead.[1]

Ender and his Jeesh were currently on Eros, where the Russian Polemarch and marines of the same nationality also happened to be located. In order to protect him and the others, Hyrum Graff and other International Fleet personnel posted a guard outside Ender's door.[1]

At some point during the war, the Strategos declared that Ender was loyal to the I.F., which led many on the side of the Warsaw Pact to change sides. Some of the Polemarch's soldiers turned on him when he ordered that they were to find and kill Ender.[1]

The war ended when the Second Warsaw Pact agreed to the Locke Proposal after five days of fighting. Soon after, the Hegemon resigned from his position. According to Bean, there were five hundred dead on Eros, with the casualties worse on Earth.[1]

References Edit

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