Lianzhou was a major city in China.[1]

Description Edit

Lianzhou was located nearby the Quinlian Expressway and the Lianjiang River.[1]

General Sima's Office Edit

During the First Formic War, General Sima made one of the abandoned buildings inside the city his office.[1]

Temporary Military Camp Edit

During the war, the military established a temporary camp just outside the city between the Quinlian Expressway and the Lianjiang River, which extended for two kilometers. The camp housed nearly 11,000 men.[1]

History Edit

First Formic War Edit

During the First Formic War, the citizens of Lianzhou were evacuated by General Sima's army in order to protect them and to use the city a strategic military point since it was situated nearby the Quinlian Expressway, which could be used to quickly obtain resources from the North before heading south. General Sima also took any resources found inside the city that citizens left, which would be useful for the army such as blankets. [1]

References Edit

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