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Liberdade Graças a Deus Figueira de Medici, more commonly known as Libo Figueira, was a Xenologer on the planet of Lusitania.[1] He was first introduced in Speaker for the Dead.


Speaker for the Dead

Libo was born to Pipo and Conceição. He was the assistant to his father in xenological duties until the day of Pipo's death, when he was forced to become the head Xenologer. While he was working with his father, he fell in love with the Xenobiologist Novinha, though they never married. He instead married Bruxinha Figueira and fathered Ouanda, China, Prega, and Zinha with her. He also fathered all of Novinha's children, Miro, Ela, Quim, Olhado, Quara, and Grego.[1]

Libo was later killed by Pequeninos when they attempted to bring him to the Third Life, not knowing that it was impossible for humans.[1]





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