Lola Querales was a crew member of El Cavador and later the Gagak, as well as the mother of Alejandra and Edimar.[1] She was first introduced in Earth Afire.

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Earth Afire Edit

Lola supported Rena Delgado when Rena led El Cavador's remaining crew after the battle with the Formics. When Rena suggested that the crew travel with a vulture crew in order to leave a WU-HU Corporation depot, Julexi spoke against her, saying it was dangerous. However, Edimar spoke up against Julexi, stating that she was dividing the crew and undermining Rena. At this point, Julex insulted Lola's daughter Alejandra, saying she had engaged in a taboo relationship, which was false. Lola responded by slapping Julexi, speaking out, and giving her support for Rena. Slapping Julexi was out of Lola's norm and surprised everyone.[1]

Lola and the others eventually voted and decided to go with Rena on the vulture ship.[1]

On the Gagak, Lola and the other women were trained in some of the different aspects of salvaging. During their first scavenging mission, the vulture Khalid appeared out of nowhere, forcing Lola and the other crew members to quickly return to the Gagak. Rena did not return with the other woman and had to make a daring jump from the scavenged ship to the Gagak. Lola was able to save Rena and Abbi from floating off in space when she caught them after they bounced off the hull.[1]

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