Lusitania was a colony planet of the Hundred Worlds and the homeworld of the Pequeninos.[1]


Because of the Descolada, there was not very much biodiversity on Lusitania. All of the native animals and plants depended on the Descolada virus for survival.[1]

Consequentially, the planet's terrain consisted of only forests and grasslands with a few species in each.[1]


1830 years after the founding of Starways Congress, Lusitania was discovered by a robotic probe. Starways Congress gave the citizens of Baía, the nearest world with population pressure, a colonization license. Upon their arrival at the planet, they named the planet Lusitania and soon discovered the indigenous race of Pequeninos.[1]

However, a deadly disease was also present on the planet, the Descolada. Before a cure was invented, a large portion of the colonists had died off.[1]

Years later when Andrew Wiggin arrived on the planet, he brought the Hive Queen with him.[1]

After a series of events, the planet rebelled from Starways Congress and became independent. Soon after, the Formics began a civilization on the world.[1]

Eventually, Starways Congress attempted to destroy Lusitania with the Molecular Disruption Device. This was in an attempt to rid the universe of the descolada, which would be a multi-species xenocide, as the Formics were also tied to the planet. When Jane developed the ability to travel faster than light, Peter Wiggin II and Si Wang-mu went to stop the ships carrying the M.D. Device, the Lusitania Fleet. They were teleported on the flagship and ultimately stopped the fleet. After that, Lusitania was safe.[2]


Native Life


See: Pequeninos


The Cabra (Portuguese for goat) were large beasts that grazed in herds on the prairies of Lusitania. They were transformed by the Descolada to die and turn into the grass that they ate, which became the males of the herds. The younger female Cabras produced young by grazing on the males.[1]



Capim was the species of grass on Lusitania. They were very sharp, and contained a anesthetic that is effective for the Pequeninos.[1]


Amaranth was a species of grain used for cultivation of Lusitania. The sharing of this particular crop with the Pequeninos violated the rigid laws preventing interspecies technology transfer.[1] Amaranth crops failed miserably with the human population of Lusitania until the introduction of the Recolada anti-virus.[3]

As Fabricas

As Fábricas was a borough on Lusitania that consisted mostly of small factories that worked the metals and plastics and processed the foods and fibers that Milagre used.[1]


  • Lusitania was an ancient Iberian Roman province including a part of modern Portugal and a smaller part of modern Spain. 


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