Magashi was the captain of a WU-HU Corporation depot.[1] She was first introduced in Earth Afire.

History Edit

Earth Afire Edit

Magashi allowed the remaining El Cavador crew to stay on a WU-HU Corporation depot after Captain Doashang vouched for the crew's hard work. Over time, other clans came asking for food, so Magashi at first sold as little food she could. Fewer ships began to come to the station, so Magashi stopped selling food to begging ships. Magashi continued to allow the El Cavador crew to stay on the station despite the slowly dwindling supplies of food.[1]

Eventually, Arjuna, a vulture captain, approached the station asking to speak directly with Magashi. Arjuna offered to pay 20 of Magashi's men $5,000 dollars each in exchange for helping him salvage ships for a few months, also allowing Magashi's food supplies to last longer. Magashi refused the offer, allowing Rena Delgado to offer the crew of El Cavador in exchange for passage to another depot.[1]

Earth Awakens Edit

Two months later Magashi received an e-mail from Victor Delgado, who was looking for his mother. Magashi sent a message back informing him that Rena left on the salvaging ship Gagak with a Somali captain named Arjuna.[2]

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