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The Makarhu in Formic Wars: Burning Earth.

The Makarhu was a Juke Limited ship that was captained by Lem Jukes.

Description Edit

History Edit

Earth Unaware Edit

The ship was sent out to the Kuiper Belt shortly before the First Formic War to test the Glaser, a revolutionary new mining tool. The Makarhu was used to bump the free miner ship El Cavador from the asteroid they were mining in order to test the Glaser on the rock.[1]

The Makarhu assisted in the attempted sabotage of the Formic scout ship, but it escaped the destruction of its gamma plasma exhaust when it fled the scene of the battle.[1]

Earth Afire Edit

After returning to Luna, Lem passed the captainship of the Makarhu to Chubs Zimmons.[2]

Earth Awakens Edit

During the final attack on the Formic scout ship and its fleet, the Makarhu was destroyed, killing Chubs and the rest of the crew.[3]

Crew Edit

References Edit

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