Mama Goshi was in charge of the Claw barracks in the Dragon's Den during the First Formic War.[1] She was first introduced in Earth Awakens.

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Earth Awakens Edit

Mama Goshi was the civilian leading the efforts in the Claw barracks and did not like accepting more refugees due to overcrowding and sparse resources. However, she allowed Bingwen to stay. Mama Goshi was happy with Bingwen's respect of elders and pointed him to nearby row of cots before moving on to talk with another resident.[1]

Shortly thereafter, Mama Goshi was contacted by Pipo after Bingwen used a Med-assist to diagnose that her brother, Niro, had a ruptured appendix. Mama Goshi called one of the doctors at the Dragon's Den to come to get Niro in order to preform surgery, but she had to hand the phone over to Bingwen during the call because she could not explain the diagnosis clearly. Afterward, Mama Goshi took Bingwen around the Claw to use the Med-assist to diagnose other residents. Eventually, residents from other barracks started coming for a diagnosis. At this point Bingwen asked Mama Goshi if she could take him to the surface, so he could contact Kim Arnsbrach, so she could lead an organized effort to diagnose patients using the nets.[1]

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