The Med-assist was a device created by Medicus and funded by United States investments.[1]

Design and Function Edit

The Med-assist was capable of guiding soldiers through caring for different battle injuries, such as surgery tutorials and drug administrations. Essentially, the Med-assist was meant a a pocket consultant for soldiers. Other countries such as New Zealand began to jump onto the project after the initial success in the United States.[1]

The voice of United States version of the Med-assist was Kim Arnsbrach. She was selected after Mazer Rackham and several other New Zealand soldiers preferred her voice in a focus group. However, Kim did not want her voice used for the New Zealand Kiwi version, which she was helping to develop.[1]

The earlier versions of the med-assist would call a doctor if necessary, but that function was removed when it proved to be unfeasible.[1]

References Edit

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