Mingzhu was a Chinese villager and midwife.[1] She was first introduced in Earth Afire.

History Edit

Earth Afire Edit

Mingzhu and her husband were rescued by Mazer Rackham and his team using a HERC during the Scouring of China, and they were taken to a barn. Mingahu and her husband offered some of their clothing to Mazer, Fatani, and Patu to cover them up, due to the Formic defoliants ruining their old clothes.[1]

Later, Bingwen, a local boy, went to save Mazer from a crash and brought him back to the barn. Mingzhu was the most qualified to perform medical procedures on Mazer because she was a midwife. After some uncertainty, Mingzhu began an intestinal surgery on Mazer. Halfway through when Bingwen contacted Kim Arnsbrach with the med-assist, which was instructing the surgery, Mingzhu wanted to quit. However, Mingzhu was persuaded to continue, and she performed the surgery further as instructed by a gastroenterologist.[1]

While Mazer was resting over the next four days, Mingzhu and all the villagers besides Bingwen and Ye Ye Danwen decided to leave to head north towards a safer location. They took all the resources with them causing Bingwen and Danwen to search around the local area for supplies.[1]

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