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The Ministry of Colonization (ColMin or MinCol) was a subsection of the International Fleet that handled colonization affairs and the Dispersal Project. The organization was based in the former Battle School, which became known as Ellis Island.[1]

500 years after the Third Formic War, MinCol appeared to be a subsection of Starways Congress alongside the Interstellar Fleet and the Exploratory Service.[2]


Minister of Colonization

The Minister of Colonization was the head of the Ministry of Colonization, and made the main decisions in regards to the Dispersal Project. The first and only known Minister of Colonization was Hyrum Graff.[1]



After the end of the Third Formic War, former International Fleet colonel Hyrum Graff became the first Minister of Colonization along with the forming of the organization.[1]

Starways Congress Era

In the era of Starways Congress, the Ministry of Colonization administered colonies that had been granted continuing status, but were not yet independent members of the Hundred Worlds.[2]

MinCol seems to have later been dissolved and incorporated directly into Starways Congress, as the organization was not mentioned as the administrator of non-independent colony worlds such as Path and Lusitania.[3][4]


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