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Marcos Vladimir Ribeira von Hesse, more commonly known as Miro, was a Xenologer on the planet of Lusitania.[1] He was first introduced in Speaker for the Dead.

History Edit

Speaker for the Dead Edit

When Starways Congress sent an order to arrest Miro and Ouanda Figueira because of they broke rules of interference with the natural cultural evolution of the Pequeninos, Miro tried to force himself over the electric fence, and as a result he was handicapped. He suffered severe brain damage that left him unable to walk or speak normally. Eventually, Andrew Wiggin introduced him to Jane, who was intelligent and patient enough with him to serve as a sort of translator.[1]

Xenocide Edit

In order to get away from his family that he felt he was growing apart from, Miro volunteered to go on a starship that was sent to meet Valentine Wiggin. Due to the relativistic effects of near-lightspeed travel, his week-and-a-half trip was equivalent to 30 years in real time.[2]

On the first trip to the Outside, Miro held the image of his pre-accident, healthy body in his mind; instantly leaving his former, crippled body to crumble into dust while he watched from his new body.[2]

Children of the Mind Edit

Later, Miro married Jane, who had been given the body of Valentine Wiggin II.[3]

Personality Edit

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References Edit

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