Nan-Ooze was a thick gel composed of thousands of nanomachines.[1]

Design and Function Edit

Nan-Ooze gel was sometimes used to be attached to every scratch or irregularity on the surface of a ship. Using a head-up display, it could be ordered to go rigid, and to solidify inside the scratches, locking the user's feet in place and anchoring them to the ship. However, this gel would make the user go slightly slower.[1]

History Edit

Sometime after the First Formic War, Nan-Ooze was invented by the International Fleet's Weapons and Materials Research Division. Nan-Ooze was introduced by Mazer Rackham, when he and his breach team used it to anchor themselves to a derelict ship, intending to imitate a Formic ship. After the practice mission, Mazer and his breach team began designing a shield based off the the Nan-Ooze nanomachine technology to protect soldiers against Formic doilies.[1]

References Edit

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